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Ontario Facts

Facts about Ontario

With a population of more than 12 million, Ontario is home to one in three Canadians.

Ontario is Canada’s second-largest province, covering more than one million square kilometres (415,000 square miles)

894,639 square kilometres (344,092 square miles)

177,398 square kilometres (68,490 square miles), including 250,000 lakes and about one-third of the world's fresh water.

Toronto (pop; 4,000,000 app.), located on Lake Ontario, is Canada’s largest city. It is also the commercial, industrial and financial centre of Canada.

Time Zones:
Most of Ontario is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. Some of Western/Northern Ontario is in the Central Time Zone.

Ontario's Emblems

Official Flag
The flag of Ontario is the Red Ensign. It includes the Union Jack, representing Ontario's ties to Great Britain, and the Coat-of-Arms of the Province.

Coat-of-Arms of Ontario
The Coat-of-Arms of the Province consists of a green shield with three golden maple leaves surmounted by the Banner of St. George, a red cross on a silver background. The banner indicates Ontario's close ties with Britain, while green and gold are Ontario's official colours; green symbolizes the land. Above the shield is a bear, with a moose and a deer supporting the shield; all representing the rich animal life of Ontario. The Latin motto is translated as "Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains." The shield was granted by Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria in 1868, and the crest, supporters and motto by Royal Warrant of King Edward VII in 1909.

Official Flower
The official flower of Ontario is the trillium, a delicate white three-petalled flower that grows in profusion in the wild woodlands of the province in early spring.

Official Gem
Amethyst, the rich purple semi-precious stone, is the official gem of Ontario. Large deposits are found in Northwestern Ontario.

Official Tree
The Eastern White Pine, Ontario's official tree, was an important source of income and trade during days of early settlement, and continues to be a valuable resource for Ontario today.

Official Bird
The Common Loon was adopted as Ontario's official bird on June 23, 1994.